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The Naruto RP :).
United States
Naruto Role-Playing group

Co-Admins: JimmySempai

DISCLAIMER:These characters in this project (except the OCs) do not belong to us. They all belong to there owner. We’re role-playing Naruto characters just for fun!

What's new?
:new:News from your Admin anime-freako:</sub>
I am probably the worst admin you'll ever have. Kudos to Hidan--of--Jashin for contacting my main account. Someone give him a highfive or something as a reward, seriously.

Anyways, to bump up everything, I might be getting in a new co-admin for you all, so then at least this place won't be so dead because of me.

Let's welcome Sound-Ukon, Sound-Sakon, and TSHinata-Hyuga

New Affiliates!

How do I join?
How do I join?

1. Choose a character from the “remaining characters” list (below).
2. Send me a note (please type a subject like this: "Application: NameofCharacterYou'reApplyingfor", it will help me to categorize the notes) filling out the form below:

    a) Which character do you want?:
    b) Why do you want to role-play as this character?:
    c) Do you really think that you can role-play this character?:
    d) Show me (please write a monologue (I'll only be accepting monologue style for applications only, maximum of two paragraphs), any subject will be accepted):
    e) How many times a week you think you could check your comments?:
    g) Do you have any ideas concerning the character you wish to role-play as?:

3. Please do not create an account before receiving the note telling that you’re in.
4. Once you’re in, don’t forget to submit an introduction journal. Remaining confidential or mentioning your regular account is up to you.
5. After everything is ready, the club will add you to the character list and you'll get your icon at this point.

1.You should stay in character to give characters more realistic aura.
2. I'll be fair with any pairings, as long as both members agree to it. No serious out of the way crack though. (Ex. Marriage, pregnancy, etc.)
3. Keep the accounts active! Let’s say, how does “at least twice a week” sound?
4. If you’re going on a hiatus, please inform people by mentioning it in your journal. Don’t forget to tell how long you will be gone.
5. Be creative! Your character may be dead, but you have the game and you can make up their personalities.
6. Please be nice to others, don’t use slang.
7. Having more than 2 accounts is unfair. Give other fans a chance! You can role-play up to two characters, just don’t choose close characters.
8. Account activity must not be invisible, or else you will get a warning.
9. No Godmodding, powermodding, etc.
10. For OCs, your character can't have a pre-existing relationship with any canon characters.

:community: Member List
:iconjounin-tayuya: :iconotogakure-orochimaru: :iconyakushi-kabuto: :iconneji----hyuuga: :iconmist-ninja-haku: :iconjiraiya-the-pervert: :iconhidan--of--jashin: :icontsunade-godaime: :iconakatsuki--tobi: :iconsound-ukon: :iconsound-sakon:
:iconmedinin-sakura: :iconthe-uchiha-avenger: :iconjonin-temari: :iconjonin-kakashi-sensei: :iconnara---shikamaru: :iconkazekage-------gaara: :icontshinata-hyuga:

:iconkhrrp-da: :iconohshcrp-da: :iconluminousrp-da: :icondothackrp-da: :iconmotherrp-da:
:iconmmrp-da: :iconocrp-da: :iconshkrp-da: :iconsorp-da: :iconpsohrp-da:
:iconaphrp-da: :iconbleachrp-da: :iconffviirp-da: :iconsthrp-da: :iconrgurp-da:
:iconmsd-rp: :iconbloodplusrp-da: :icontenchi-muyorp-da: :iconpotrp-da: :iconyuyuhakushorp-da:
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it's disappointing on how this group died.

it looked so promising.
Fudoko0114 Jan 17, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I do believe this RP has died off. PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!!!
where is the list that tells what characters are available?
Would you care to affiltrate? ouo
Is regular Hinata open~? =o
If so, I'd love to apply for her.
(May I be an OC for the RP? I've drawnpics of her on my main account and all. So can you make Kioku-Oboe-Genzo apart of your RP? Pretty please? *Offeres you a Strawberry cake*)
(i'm here now^^)
(('m here, babe~ ))
Fudoko0114 Jul 12, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pardon me but, I can't seem to find the character list......
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